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As the number one choice for New Jersey computer repair and IT services, our team here at Mobile Computer Services takes great pride in the work that we do. This is work we do because we genuinely want to help bridge the gap between computer systems and users. We don’t expect you to become experts about every component of your operating system, that’s what we are here to take care of for you.

We offer a wide variety of essential services aside from just repairs. We can install a single computer or relocate your entire office and get you up and running in no time. Just like we can recover your data or completely transfer it to a new computer.

The task list that we can address for you is practically limitless. All you need to know is that if it is computer related we can take care of it for you. Don’t stress by trying to do it yourself, let our experts handle the situation for you.

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On Site Computer Repairs

One of the ways that we want to make it as easy as possible for you is to come to you. When we say that we deliver superior service we mean it literally and figuratively. Our on site computer repairs make it possible for you to get the service you need without the hassle of bringing it to us.

There is no reason to take on the added hassle of packing up your system and dropping it off with a so-called pro. We can reduce the wait time and get you back up and running in no time by simply coming to you. Call today to find out more about what we can do for you in terms of computer repairs in New Jersey.

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Software Support

Another essential task that we provide is our software support. We can help walk you through it so that you can actually use your software. We even offer remote access support which helps you take care of things without having to do it on your own.

At Mobile Computer Services, our expert technicians can diagnose, repair, upgrade, configure and network your Windows and MAC computers and devices. So whether you need software installed or troubleshooting services, PC or MAC, we can help.

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One of the most important things you need to address, for your personal or professional computer, is the need for virus protection. The need to protect from viruses and intrusions is more important than ever. At Mobile Computer Services, we understand this need and can evaluate your current antivirus solution. We can provide you with a variety of methods to use in order to avoid getting infected and putting your data at risk. Without the data, your computer is nothing but a piece of plastic – it becomes that useless once infected.

Let us help you protect your system so you never have to go through this. Not to mention, we can also provide you with data recovery and virus removal in New Jersey should your computer ever become infected.

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In order to have your system working correctly, from the start, you need to have proper installation. We can handle this for you. Whether it is for personal use in your home or your entire operating system for your office, no task is too big nor small. We can also install networking solutions. Imagine using your iPad to print documents to a remote printer at your home or office…from anywhere.

The good news is that we also offer service contracts. This enables us to keep a watchful eye on the systems we install and help keep them running smoothly. Don’t take a chance with one of the most important components of your business or your home.

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While the best measure of protection against needing data recovery is virus protection, we can take care of both. You may have a lapse in protection or a new virus may come along that anti-virus software is not able to handle yet. The important thing is calling us as soon as you realize your computer may be infected.

In most cases, we can recover your data even when other so-called pros say it can’t be done. No one wants to lose their data and the good news is that you may not have to when you hire Mobile Computer Services for data recovery in New Jersey. We can also take care of transferring your data for you as well.

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Why Choose Mobile Computer Services

In addition to having expert technical expertise, our New Jersey computer repair company believes that providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction is paramount when dealing with our clients, regardless of whether they are residential or commercial, home or office, a dental practice or a grandmother. Our computer techs and IT specialists feel that the most important element of working with someone’s computer is to safeguard their data. This can be a company’s Quickbook file, stored email or precious family photos. Without your data, the computer is just another box of components and plastic, something that can be replaced or fixed, where your data cannot. However, with Mobile Computer Services, your computer remains a precious commodity in your life. So whether you need virus removal, software support, data recovery, networking, installation or computer repairs in New Jersey, Mobile Computer Services is here to help you and ensure you receive the best in quality services and results.



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